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Gas ovens

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Smeg gas ovens highlight the value of a traditional cooking method, noted for its naturally stable temperatures, giving it a modern twist. The grill adds that final "golden brown" touch to your food.

  • F610AB

    60CM “Newson” Electric Thermoventilated Oven, White Energy Rating A

  • F610AN

    60CM “Newson” Electric Thermoventilated Oven, Black Energy Rating A

  • FP610SG

    60CM “Newson” Electric Thermoventilated Pyrolitic Oven, Yellow Energy Rating A

  • FP610SV

    Oven, 60 cm, Electric, Thermoventilated 10 functions Pyrolitic. Marc Newson, Green. Energy Rating A. Real consumption: 20% less energy than A class

  • SFP390X-1

    60CM “Classic” Electric Thermo-ventilated Oven, Fingerproof Stainless Steel, Energy Rating A

  • SF6381X

    60CM “Classic” Electric Ventilated Oven, Fingerproof Stainless Steel, Energy Rating A

  • SC45MC2

    60CM “Linear Series” Compact Combination Microwave Oven, St/steel Energy Rating Not Applicable

  • SF4120MC

    60CM “Linear series” Compact Combi Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel and Silver Glass

  • SF4120VC

    60CM “Linear series” Compact Combi Steam, Stainless Steel and Silver Glass, Energy Rating A+

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