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Electric ovens

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Meticulous design, state-of-the-art technology and top quality materials: Smeg electric ovens represent the excellence of "Made in Italy". The vast range of models, from convection to fan multifunction and fan-assisted multifunction to pyrolytic ovens, tick all the boxes in terms of aesthetics and functions. The cavity of the 60cm ovens is among the biggest on the market, thus saving you a huge amount of time and energy. Available in widths of 60cm, 70cm and 90cm, all Smeg electric ovens can be teamed with a hob or other appliances for coordinated kitchen interior design.

  • F610AB

    60CM “Newson” Electric Thermoventilated Oven, White Energy Rating A

  • F610AN

    60CM “Newson” Electric Thermoventilated Oven, Black Energy Rating A

  • FP610SG

    60CM “Newson” Electric Thermoventilated Pyrolitic Oven, Yellow Energy Rating A

  • FP610SV

    Oven, 60 cm, Electric, Thermoventilated 10 functions Pyrolitic. Marc Newson, Green. Energy Rating A. Real consumption: 20% less energy than A class

  • SFP390X-1

    60CM “Classic” Electric Thermo-ventilated Oven, Fingerproof Stainless Steel, Energy Rating A

  • SF6381X

    60CM “Classic” Electric Ventilated Oven, Fingerproof Stainless Steel, Energy Rating A

  • SC45MC2

    60CM “Linear Series” Compact Combination Microwave Oven, St/steel Energy Rating Not Applicable

  • SF4120MC

    60CM “Linear series” Compact Combi Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel and Silver Glass

  • SF4120VC

    60CM “Linear series” Compact Combi Steam, Stainless Steel and Silver Glass, Energy Rating A+

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