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Stuart Semple from Cat Street on Vimeo.

British artist, Stuart Semple, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga, the Prodigy and The Futureheads, has created a series of new works with Smeg fridge doors as a medium for his latest exhibition in Hong Kong.  The exhibition consists of various of handwritten messages, often song lyrics, on paper, large scale paintings, foam sculptures and on Smeg 50’s style retro fridge doors.  In order to keep its imperfections and character, the text is handwritten and then laser cut out of plastic and mounted onto the various objects.
The idea behind this art form is that it gives the finished article a more personal feel and draws a parallel with the ‘note on the fridge’ culture which is endemic of today’s busy lifestyles, in which family members barely ever meet to converse face to face.
Semple choose the Smeg fridges for their iconic status and timeless identity.  He quotes ‘I’ve always loved them … there’s something strangely nostalgic about them too’.

Semple’s exhibition entitled ‘It’s Hard to Be a Saint in This City’ can be seen at The Space in Hong Kong from 16 February until 17 March 2012.

He will unveil an additional exhibition in Milan in May.